Skin Splurge Worth It Or Not?

I just came back from a vacation back home in the Philippines, and the usual things happened..."UBOS" ang baon kong pera, i find it normal, never pang nangyari na parang nakatipid ako, so i was in a budget! sort off....???

Before i came home, skin wise I was breaking out!!!...(buhay babae!), stress, no good skin regimen, not taking water , hormones, lahat what i did  was covering it up with foundation. I never left the house without it,.. before going to work, grocery, dates name it I have felt like it lessens my pimples (visually if theres such a thing).

Sabi ko sa sarili ko, konting tiis lang sa pinas ako magpapaganda...and i will set a budget for myself. So on that note, 15,000 php ang budget ko for my SKIN! (Balik Ganda Program).

To start with my skin product that i only use is a facial wash, a make up wipes, and a moisturizer (which i seldom use), so i said to myself whatever they will prescribe for me to il use it!
Kaya on my 2nd day sa pinas walang pagaalinlangan sa FLAWLESS ako nagpunta, had a consultation with the present Dr on the store that day. And i had my first ever skin regimen.

ISKIN NewYork.
This was the packaging when i got it. The price is 9,990 php for this entire set ( i know its pricey but remember my budget is 15k, so im still within the budget).

Here it is outside the mini traveler's bag that it came with, you have a descent amount to use for 3 months. I wanted to try this smaller version first before i jump into the big size which is the 17k which is enough for 6 months ( if thats what i remembered Dra. said), so i worked within the budget.

 Since that day i've been using it religiously (i have too its freaking expensive!). Here are the things included in the set and the manner on how i use it to my face daily.

Deep Cleanser 100 ml
 First step in preparing your skin for the special treatment products you are using. It contains a unique blend of herbal extracts, aloe vera and other mild cleansing agents to deeply clean blocked pores. it provides gentle and effective cleansing without damaging the skin. Use it day and night.
Balancing Toner 100ml
Contains a unique blend of pure aloe vera and natural herbs. It refreshes, tones, hydrates and restores the skin's normal pH balance in preparation for the next step of the transformation program. use it day and night using a cotton.
Do not rub.
Erythromycin Solution
Contains 2% Erythromycin. For mild to moderate acne. Apply on affected areas day and night using a cotton.
Do not rub.

Radiance 1 oz
A major step in correcting and targeting pigmentations. Its unique blend of skin lightening complexes, which includes hydroquinone, Vit. C and glycolic acid, is proven effective in diminishing the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone and helps the user achieve a clear, fresh and radiant complexion. Use day and night apply evenly on the face.

Ultimate Sunshield SPF 20 1oz
An oil free broad spectrum cream that uses advanced micronized zinc oxide formulation to provide protection against UVA and UVB rays. Specially made for combination, oily and problematic skin, its light and easy-to-absorb formula does not leave any white film on the skin. Apply day time, may reapply every 3-4 hours as needed may apply make up after.

Cellular Repair Complex Forte 1 oz
Stimulates collagen production and enhances the correction process of various skin problems like wrinkles, dark spots, and rough skin. It also lightens the skin and improves its texture by removing damaged skin. Mix equal amount with Iskin Renew than apply to face at bedtime.
Iskin Renew   1oz.
Contains hyrdoquinone and Vitamins C & E which helps lighten the skin specially pigmentations and freckles. Combine with Cellular Repair Complex Forte for noticeably younger, fresher and more radiant skin. Apply at night.
It was a week after using the whole set that i notice i was DRYING so much, every where in my face, thats the only time i read the ingredients on the last 2 items that i use at night, then i read RETINOL, (kaya pala..)  and im not applying any moisturizer at all...on the workshop with Ms. Say Artillero ko pa napansin na di ako makapagmake up kase nagbabalat ako ng sobra...ang hapdi pa ng face ko...grrr! (tiis ganda ha! ang mahal pa! ) so after the workshop I splurge to watson and bought myself a moisturizer. 

Celeteque Facial Moisturizer
A water based and oil free, non comedogenic (a skin care product that is formulated so as not to cause blocked pores), hypo allergenic fragrance free. I mix it with my Iskin Renew and Cellular Repair at night and I applied this with my sun block on day time. Prize i dont remember maybe around 150-250 php.
And my dryness was immediately resolved, alam ko agad na effective sya because after my workshop with Ms. Say i went to Ms. Ana Victorino's workshop for a cause the following day, ow and did i enjoy putting make up on!!!! (Oh yeah!).

But wait theres more...i didn't stop on that note, i went back on my 14th day in pinas  and did an Advance Facial costs me 980 php. and like any other facial, ANG SAKIT NYA! with the pricking and all that good stuff (tiis ganda ulet) my face was in pain pero worth it padin no blackheads, no buldging pimples, no whiteheads, all (painfully) smoothen out...

What was left was my warts...(yes ladies i do have flat warts spirinkled all over my face, ggrrr) 5 days before going back to dubai, i decided to end it, I went back to Flawless and had my warts removed 2500 php per area, i prefer my face area only... what i liked about their treatment was that the Dr. on the store will do the cauterisation, the staff will just put the local anaesthesia, and that felt just right, I felt i was in good hands, and i got what i paid for. Mind you it is still painful. (again walang katapusang tiis ganda! buhay babae).

So anong napala ko dito, on a serious note i notice a big difference with the Iskin my face looks younger and soft ( but not yet flawless) I have to stop using it when i had my warts removed, only the facial wash and the post cauterisation cream lang ang gamit ko at the moment until all the hubs will be gone by itself.

1. Lets see first if i worked within my budget?                                        YES

           9999 php - Iskin Set
             980 php - Advance Facial
           2500 php - Warts Removal
             345 php - Post cauterisation Cream
           13,810 php 

2. Did it served my goal?                                                                             YES
3. Was it worth it?                                                                                        YES
4. Would i recommend it?                                                                           YES

Why do i say so, I tried to consult a Derma Clinic here in dubai it was way more expensive (2500 dirhams = 25,000 php) just for 1 session, so that made my final decision i would save up and have my Balik Ganda Program be done back home. Secondly it did served my goal, i had no more big acne on my face, and i felt like i was glowing and made it worth all the freaking pain. Lastly would i recommend it??? YES, for the same reason that i told my self....Nandito ako nagpapakahirap at nagtratrabaho, kailangan mapakita ko naman na naalagaan ko ang sarili ko, in short.. bilang OFW, REGALO MO NA TO SA SARILI MO!

Il post some pictures after im done with the hubs on my post warts removal.



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