My Vanity Mirror from Ikea Dubai Festival City UAE

I had to share the vanity mirror that me and my husband were planning for some time and it finally happened last January (yehay) 2014. I feel like a princess!!!! ahahaha "spoiled wife" it is!! Happy wife happy life! ^_^ 

All of the items came from Ikea in Dubai Festival City except the lights which i bought in ACE Hardware just infront of DFC.

And here are the things you need!

1. Musik Brackets

  •  These are 60 cm long that can hold 5 E14 (size of the bulb) lights bulbs
  •  Maximum 15 watts per bulb for it can hold only up to 40 watts in  total
  • Use LED bulbs for best results and to prevent accidents from happening
  • Price : 90 dirhams (bulds not included)

2. Kolja Mirror

  • Price: 49 dirhams
  • 60 cm x 60 cm mirror
  • What i loved about this mirror is the braces that comes with it, you can just slip the mirror with it.

3. Electric Wires and a plug

  • You can find in any electric section in any groceries but i bought mine in Ace Hardware.
  • I bought 3 m long (i wanted to be safe,because my husband isn't with me when I bought it)

4. E14 bulbs -

  • Price: 22 dirhams each or more ( total of 10 bulbs )
  • GE Energy Saving Decor in Cool White (better than yellow lights)
  • 5 Watts each but can give untill 22 watts tops
  • Ikea also has their own bulb which I find a little pricey, but feel free to check it out

5. A Husband/ brother/ electrician/ a friends who can install this in your room. ^_^

And TADAAAHHH finally!!!! ^_^

So if you wheeled it you can have it with a little help from someone who knows about drilling and electric stuffs (hopefully your husband...). So enjoy your shopping at Ikea and I hope the idea helps you to have one! You will also see this in their showroom, that is where we got the idea of having one for myself #regalosasarili #ineedthisinmylife #everywifedeservesthis.

Hope you had a great day stay insipred!!!



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