MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme Deep Dark Brunette Review

I have been trying to control myself from buying too much of what I already have... BUT! I cant help it LOL! ( story of my life...) MAC has just launched here in UAE their Waterproof Brow Collection and I just need to have it! Let me justify myself...!

  1. Its summer here in UAE (and when we say summer its like sun + wind = 40 degrees of heat !) So I need something that can resist sweat + oily forehead. 
  2. I have dark brown hair, the shades of my dipbrows that I have from Anastasia Beverly Hills doesnt match my present hair. (that happens when you were too excited buying something without checking if it will match your hair, ok no problem you go to my collection! LOL!) 
  3. Its MAC! I need it in my life, this is my first brow product from the brand (I am just lucky it matches my hair!) 
  4. Did I say its MAC! 
Ok that may not be enough for most of you but it sounds just right for me, whether or not I have to justify myself (wink!). I just have to thank iambrigitte for having it in her blog. Do check her out! So here it is:
Sorry I cant seem to take product photograh that was not yet swatched or used. ^_^ Add caption
Here it is on my brows:  

Sorry for a long face I was waiting for 30-40 mins here, while doing some #selfie for my husband.

I wore it from 6 am until 5 pm when I went to Abu Dhabi to renew my passport! And it did its job, I have a full framed brows until the end of the day its a 40 degrees outside (real feel!)

This is a 3 gram product, that little would go a very long way, its pigmented and very buildable , if you want to rock a bolder brows . Now having this for some time I hope it will not dry out on me like any gel products, could end up. That I still have to find out (I'l come back to you on that!). For now I highly recommend you try it, its right there in the store swatching it would always be convient for make up lovers like me, to not buy a product by just guessing the shade online, thou MAC always ends up having products out of stock or sold out, but its has a 60% chance of not returning an item, or not buying an item that doesnt really meet your needs, that happens when buying online.

Let me just show you my 2 other brow gels but from Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Promade which were both i thinkfor now wrong shades for me.... Initially I did'nt notice that its having a red tint, Lol then I looked in a mirror at the end of the day that my brows where red. This things happen when you don't research before you buy online! But I still kept it, you may never know, I might change my hair color to red!
I bought this first and the shade it just lack pigmentation on me. I may be using it wrong / i just dont know how to make it more dark on the arch and the tail... but this I will definitely use when I get my hair 2-3 shades lighter than it is now.

I still need to play more with the dip brows and the gel fro MAC to master my brows... Till my next review/insight/ "try it on yourself" blog! Have a great day!

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