First Heartbreak (30-Day My Life Writing Challenge)

Yey!!! 2nd day on the 30-day writing challenge now.... Heartbreak.  (Whats the worst part was its the first one... ) Now if its the child in me you ask right now it would definitely be my first  boyfriend but that happened later on, and I am not a child anymore and I know how heartbreaks really felt, and what it does to you.

My mom would kill me to even think or remember... but  I guess no one beats being left by your father. (MOM I LOVE YOU!) Seeing my fierce/terror/maldita/flat affect- mother be broken inside but never shows it, was definitely the reason that I know first hand, that heartbreaks makes you STRONGER. Now I don't want to shed a tear anymore on what happened (well I lied i kinda cried when I started this paragraph, because I remembered hmp!) the experience was full of ups and downs, we definitely saw the effect on my siblings too. But I really believed we raised from it with our heads up FREAKING HIGH (HELL YAH!).

Lets not go into details anymore, we have grown to accept the decisions my parents made, they are both adults and they have made their choices. My mother made OUR FAMILY as her first priority. WE WILL BE FOREVER THANKFUL (may forever!!!). My father on the other hand is fine right now, I have shed and removed all hatred from my heart since 2014 I guess I just pray that he be good to the family he chose to be with.

Broken or not it made my family stronger, my mother being the center of our lives. Now she has grand children...and seeing each one of us succeed in our profession and building our own family, is God's gift for my mother for all the heartbreak that she kept bravely and used positively when we where left by the first man we allowed to enter our hearts....

My father connected with us thru FB last 2014 and tried to reach out.
He is proud and happy with what happened to his 4 children, but he can not take the credit for that.
My 3rd sibling still doesn't talk to him, maybe because she really doesn't know him.
So all is well, but we never forget.

So who was your first heartbreak?, let me rephrase that, who or what made you stronger??? I would like to know, put it on the comment box below. ^_^

See you again tomorrow!

Remember to nurse the beauty in you... ^_^ ^_^

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