Reason Behind My Profile Picture (30-Day Writing My Life Challenge)

Welcome back to me!!! (you thought its for you its actually for me!!!) wahahaha! I have been gone forever! No other other excuse except LIFE kicked in and I was concentrating on my youtube channel. (wink wink!) Subscribe if you still haven't cause its free and it would mean the world to me. See me improve/grow/learn ...with a face to match my worlds, (if that makes sense).

I read iambrigitte's blog and she started on a 30-Day "Writing My Life" Challenge, I got inspired so here it is. I am not going to promise anything but i will try my very best. I haven't done any writing challenges before these would be my first just in case. I just want to psyche myself out on writing again. And making up with my first love (this blog... ^_^ ). On a 30-Day "Writing My Life" Challenge there will be a calendar of topics on each day for you to write on. I felt it was really meant for me because i saw it on the first day of the "BER" months. Connection??? ahahaha well it does mean something for me ahahah.

Lets begin shall we?

The reason behind my profile picture.

This was my profile picture ever since I started blogging I suppose. My first post was October 2013. It was a ventilating blog I think, more of a reassurance of why I wanted to be a nurse in the first place. If you still haven't notice from my blogs name... (yup I am a Nurse by profession living in the beautiful country of UAE). So why from that nursing related blog to a beauty blog? I really wanted to deviate from my profession whenever I am at home and in my happy place. Dont get me wrong work is good but it should stop the moment I leave the hospital cause it can be really tiring, and exhausting.
So this picture is a product of my #onedayoff makeup practices. I also took this on my own using our DSLR that time which was D5100. I had fun on doing this makeup look I was just starting with makeups during this time.Now I am not sure how long I will keep this but I have no objections whatsoever . Will see.

Hows that for the first challenge. I hope like it ^_^
See you tom.

Remember to nurse the beauty in you. wink! wink!


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